Luke 1:39-56, "Hope for God's Favor" for Sunday 12.19.2021

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

You Are the Favored Child

There are no angels or choirs of angels, there are shepherds or wise men in this text from the Christmas story. Mary goes on a short vacation to see a friend. There, though, God continues to prepare Mary and the world for God-in-Jesus to break into our world (God’s good but sin filled Creation) to finally set things to rights. Look closely at the work of God-the-Spirit in these verses.

The questionWhat role does the Spirit play in preparing Mary and Elizabeth to understand the significance of Jesus? Can you see how this might be applied to your own understanding of the Spirit’s work in your own life?

Verses 39-46 serve in large part to set us up to hear Mary’s song. Remember, though, that Jesus is always “center stage” in the Bible. Don’t rush through this story of Mary and Elizabeth seeing each other for the first time since both have become pregnant in unimaginable and supernatural ways.

The questionWhat do we learn about Jesus in these verses?

Mary’s song is an important prophetic word not only to those in her time but also to you and me. A prophetic word (a prophesy) speaks to the first people who hear it as well as to future generations. Often, a prophetic word is as much about what God desires NOW as it is about what will occur in the FUTURE. The verbs in verses 51-55 are in the aorist tense, meaning that in the original Greek these verbs are viewed as accomplished facts. The outcome of these words are so secure and so certain that the writer of this text expresses them as already having taken hold of our world. Again, God's hoped for future is already beginning to take hold of our world!

The questionKnowing all this, how do you think God wants you to respond to Mary’s prophetic song?

Mary’s song is about God’s unmerited favor to humankind – God’s unmerited favor of you! Right! If you trust Jesus for forgiveness and life then you are, right now, a beloved child of God. You are the favored child of the King! Now, let that sink into your soul.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

AMEN for now.

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